Frequency: From 40 Hz up to 110 Hz

Enclosure Type: Hybrid

Size: 62x62x62cm

Recommended Driver: pdf  Kappalite-3015lf (668.37 kB) pdf  Kappapro-15lf-2 (534.42 kB)  and pdf  kappa-15lf (566.56 kB) , drivers with EBP of 100 or higher; Fs (27-50 Hz), Qts (0.21 - 0.41), Vas (150 - 300 L) / (7.4 - 11.1 ft^3). Where EBP = Fs / Qts (strictly speaking it's Fs / Qes)

Cubo 15": Cubo is a multi purpose, stand alone bass bin that will equal or out run a single 18" BR*, of similar size, from ~ 40 Hz and up in terms of sensitivity. Utilising a non-expensive driver such as the Eminence 3015LF, Kappa 15LF and Kappa 15LF Pro** and a cut list from a single 18 mm*** sheet (244 x 122 cm) / (8' x 4') with a single angled cut, Cubo 15" realises a cost effective, small and light weight enclosure following the KISS-principle.

Development: In 2007 the first prototype was build and tested. Cubo 15" is the 4th prototype in a line of hybrides aiming at the achievements as stated above.  The measurement below shows the gain over the stated basreflex (see * for details).

Footnotes:* 18Sound 18LW1400 in a 175 liter basreflex tuned to 37 Hz. (6,6 ft^3) vs. Cubo 15 ; Eminence Kappa 15LF.          ** Apart from these drivers Cubo will work with a wide variëty of 15" drivers preferably with an EBP of 100 or higher; Fs (27-50 Hz), Qts (0.21 - 0.41), Vas (150 - 300 L) / (5.5 - 11.1 ft^3). Where EBP = Fs / Qts.  If you're uncertain if a driver is suited, PM or mail me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.         *** If you want to use 15 mm material use 11-ply Baltic birch, nothing less. Plans available on request.

Cubo 15 plans are also available in an Imperial version, plan available on request.

Designer: Cubo15 [view profile]alt



Cutsheet (clearly visible after download):



Posted: 1 week 1 day ago by Cubo15 #23201
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Tgtiho: If you try "questions" instead of "qeustions" I'm sure it will work (and yes, I know, I know).

The thing with those LEM speakers is, that they are from a top cabinet, those drivers usually have limited excursion capabilities. They don't need too have much excursion as that is what bass cabinets do for them. So they can be used in a bass cabinet but are usually limited to a 300 Watts or so. Not sure about the BBC making speakers, but you could try sending B&C speakers an e-mail (they're usually pretty informative) and ask for the T/S-parameters and/or the Xmax, that would tell it all.

So yes, you can probably use them (ask for the T/S-parameters to be sure) but expect performance to be limited to a few hundred Watts and better performance from speakers designed with bass duty in mind (B&C speakers has some excellent ones).

Best regards

Posted: 1 week 4 days ago by willianrm #23190
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Good afternoon!
I asked the same question in the forum Cubo18.
William'm from Brazil, I would get the project "Cubo 15/18 Extended", have 3 drivers to use in this project, wanted to know what the most appropriate.

3 - OVERSOUND 18.2-600 (

Note: These three models have equivalent 15 "

Could send me the project in pdf? Actually still could not understand the difference between the Cube 15/18 Standard and Extended.

I want only the "CUB 15/18 Extended Project".

Note: Sorry errors in writing, I am using a translator.

Posted: 1 week 6 days ago by tgtiho #23186
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I hope You can help me. Have tried to send you e-mail on " qeustionsaboutCubo (a) gmail . com " but got it returned.
I am on the budget right now and don't need anything special, but I would like to try to build cubo15.
Right now I am using some behringer active speakers 400W, 2 way, 15" + tweeter for DJ-ing on some small parties, up to 100 persons.
I have vintage LEM LX220 3 way speakers 8 OHM and 220W and no amplifier.
Only the woofers seems to be alright and I was thinking to build sub boxes and put those woofers inside to use them under
those Behringer Live 315A speakers.
Now, I checked the woofer and is marked "BBC Speakers 140166" and by the red (+) connector is a small mark "8"
I am guessing it's 8 OHM but rest off it is big question mark.
I have googled for hours and can't find any info about woofers.
I have no idea how strong they are or can be, is it pointless to use them with my Behringer speakers as tops?
Or do I really need some stronger drivers and amplifier?
How to split signal from mix to passive subs and active tops?
Hope you can help.
Best Regards
Posted: 2 months 1 week ago by Cubo15 #23066
Posted: 2 months 1 week ago by frederikvoss #23060
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Thank you Cubo.

I will go with 6 OT's and 12 cubo's.

I was wandering if you could post the frequency response diagram for cubo 15 with kappa 15lfa? Can't seem to find it anywhere.

Regards Frederik
Posted: 2 months 2 weeks ago by Cubo15 #23059
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My experience with horn loaded tops is that if you stack them, they will fill in the gap (in the frequency response) before they drop off. Meaning if you stack them all the time, 110 Hz as a crossover sounds decent. With six Omnitop 12's I think using kick bin's is a waste of output potential in the lower region, as those could be three more Cubo 15's

If you were to use a single Omnitop (i.e. one each side) I'do go with another bass design, probably a double 15" reflex or perhaps a tapped horn like the SS15 or THAM 15, or of course a Cubo 15 with the magnet inside the chamber.. All these designs (except the reflex) trade in a higher crossover frequency for less perceived low end. In that case a kick bin might be welcome.

Best regards

Posted: 2 months 3 weeks ago by sn95 #23053
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I think that 6 Omni 12 will probably be too much for 9 Cubo,s also the Omni top should be crossed over 125 hz. Good luck sounds like n interesting system.
Posted: 2 months 3 weeks ago by frederikvoss #23052
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Hi mr Cubo

Don't know if you can help me out here, but i'm making a pretty big 12v sound system for a festival. The plan was originally to go with 6 omnitop12 (i dont know if you know this design, but it's a BFM top) combined with 12x cubo15 kappa15lfa. The tops will be powered with around 120 watts each and the cubos around 300. crossover will be around 110hz.

Would it make better sense though to go with 9 cubo15's and 3 cubo kick 15? with cubos doing <90hz and cubo kick 90-180hz

We're going to play a lot of different music, but mainly electronic and hiphop.
Posted: 3 months 2 weeks ago by Cubo15 #23020
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For Cubo 15 and Extended, you go to the plans-page: and you find out which click-able thumbnail represents Cubo 15. Mouse right-click, picture save as...

For Cubo 15 Imperial send me an e-mail at questionsaboutcubo at

Best regards

Posted: 3 months 2 weeks ago by Martin Pilgaard #23016
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Hey, I'm new in this forum. How do I get my hands on the drawings for both the regular Cubo15, the extended version and the imperal version?
Posted: 3 months 3 weeks ago by pirata #23008
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Ive got 2 phl 6030 drivers 1000 watt rms,in excellent condition, unreal in cubo 15 ext, €430 each new, £200 the pair, will post anywhere at cost, 07873927239 or pm me.
Posted: 3 months 4 weeks ago by Cubo15 #23000
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In random order (from usspeaker) 18Sound 15LW1401, B&C 15NW100, RCF LF15G401. This is assuming that you mean to power 4 Cubo 15's of a single Vortex 6. If you wish to power a total of 2 (4 ohm) drivers, other models might be more convenient.

Best regards

Posted: 3 months 4 weeks ago by geritass #22999
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Yes, I have a Camco vortex6, 2300 watts 4 ohms.
Posted: 3 months 4 weeks ago by Cubo15 #22997
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Yeah, the Kappa 15LF will work in Extended. To give a good top 3, budget and available or preferred brands are a necessity imho. Can I assume any available power?

Best regards

Posted: 4 months 1 day ago by geritass #22990
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Hi, Cubo.

Is it suitable the Eminence Kappa-15LFA for the cubo sub extended version? or which one is the first, second and third best drivers?
thanks in advance. ;)
Posted: 4 months 3 weeks ago by Cubo15 #22969
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The 15-300/8A is suitable for 40 - 100 Hz, in Cubo 15 Extended, with an average of 101 dB/W/m in most of it's working range. It's limited to a ~300 W amplifier. Great driver for 12 V PA systems or small systems, little low EBP though.
For a standard system I would advise the Eminence Kappa 15 LF or the Fane 15-600LF. For 12 V PA it's a good low budget choice.

Best regards

Posted: 5 months 1 day ago by Elnufo #22943
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Hello Mr. Cubo, i would love to know if this Driver will work in any of the Cubo 15`s and if so:
Normal, Extended or Extra Extended? Magnet in Chamber or in Horn?
How much Power could it take when highpassed @ 40Hz 18dB/oct. ?
What would the Sensitivity be like?
What would the lowest reproducible Frequency be like?

Driver: The Box Speaker 15-300/8-A

Fs: 52.6Hz
Qms: 14.00
Qes: 0.67
Qts: 0.64
Rms: 2.5kg/s
Cms: 0.09mm/N
Mms: 105.5g
BxL: 17.3 N/A
SPL: 95.2 dB
Vas: 100.3 L
Re: 5.4 Ohms
Le: 1.2mH


Thanks in advance :)

please excuse my bad english ;)
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by deemarko #22881
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Sorry, my fault. Everything ok :)
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by deemarko #22880
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I can't find download link :/
Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by Cubo15 #22879
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Haven't seen an e-mail with your name on it (or the 2226 lately). That's a good driver for Cubo 15 Extended.

Best regards

Posted: 6 months 1 week ago by Shortrope #22862
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Which version would you recommend for this driver?
I can't seem to get you on email.
Posted: 8 months 3 days ago by doller #22776
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I have just made 4x cubo 15's kappa pro 15lf2. I have been using 4x labs with 4xhd 15's very happy with that setup however, the clubs that I play are all in basements. Luggin labs down right angled stairs has become a real bind. Also labs work great outside or in big rooms but not so much in small clubs. Unless you are in the toilet that is. most bass there I think. I was looking for something smaller that wasn't so much long throw. But will go low. Well the cubo seemed the one. first test I wasn't so happy (always like that hey) lost alot of kick and as most of the gigs I do are djs so, really need kick. want kick. Urrrm. ? what to do. ? I want to make some cubo kicks but don't have the time for the next 2 gigs. So, I dragged out 6x mth 30's . Have seen a guy in oz using them for kicks. started out 4 way sub kick mid tweet. got lot's of combing. used endless settings no joy. gave up on the 4 way went 3 way cubos and mth on the same band off a driverack. Wow! crossed them all up to 140hz. Kick returned with vengence. I am really against using two subs designs together. usually doesn't work atall. This is a great combo. Psy trance punches just right. One of those strange things that just works maybe.. You do need to stack em rite not mouth to mouth. This has made the cubo's sound great real punchy. taken away the woof tightened up nice. Magnet in mouth by the way. so crossed 33.5hz to 140hz. bang on sound.
So mr cubo thank you very very much. Today I am a happy man. Will get on the cubo kicks soon. would like to hear how they sound.. top guy.
Posted: 8 months 4 weeks ago by lp8124 #22730
Posted: 8 months 4 weeks ago by lp8124 #22728
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Hello, i just finished 2 cubo KICKS and 4 cubo extra extended.
would like to upload the pictures here but still dont know how...
Posted: 9 months 5 days ago by Cubo15 #22712
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The 15B450 is an excellent driver both for 12V rigs as medium power (socket) rigs. You could use it with the magnet inside the chamber for maximum sensitivity (and still go lower as a Cubo 12).

Best regards