Cubo Kick is a midbass bin to enforce the Cubo series or any other sub bass cabinet in the kick bass region. Like all Cubo models, Cubo Kick is designed to offer maximum performance when used in a stand-alone operation.

Cubo Kick 15 is the largest at 62 x 62 x 62 cm (H x W x D), aimed at 80 - 200 Hz, it has the most output in the 120 Hz area, for that well known "pressure on the chest kinda feeling". Not only do the frontal dimensions match with Cubo 15, 18, 21 and Sub, but the output is also high enough to use Cubo Kick in a 1:2 ratio (1.5:1 for live music). On top of two Cubo 15's it will raise the minimal height for the high mid top to 180 - 190 cm, bringing it well above the crowd ears. The cut sheet fits from a single sheet of 122 x 244 cm, 18 mm 13-ply Baltic birch is preferred. Originally designed around the 18Sound 15ND930. Other drivers that will work:

- Eminence Kappa Pro 15
- Faital Pro 15FH520
- Faital Pro 15FH500

The width of the cabinet can easily be modified, Cubo Kick 15 at 45 cm wide is best used in combination with 12" drivers to get the middle way, 100 - 220 Hz when used stand alone.

Cubo Kick 12 is the smallest cabinet at 45 x 45 x 50 cm (H x W x D). Initial measurements show it's capable of 110 - 250 Hz stand alone, a bit below 100 Hz when stacked in multiples. With the same frontal dimensions as Cubo 12, the output is high enough to use Cubo Kick in an 1:2 ratio (1.5:1 for live music). The cut sheet fits easily from a single sheet of 122 x 244 cm, 15 mm 11-ply Baltic birch is preferred. Designed around the 18Sound 12ND830. Other drivers that will work:

- Faital Pro 12FH520
- Faital Pro 12FH500


Over 10 prototypes were built to ensure a maximum output and clarity, in a minimum sized enclosure. Cubo Kick works with a wide variety of drivers, some of which are listed above, if unsure if your driver works, send me an e-mail at questionsaboutcubo at gmail dot com. Or visit the forum: Forum Topic Cubo Kick

It's advisable to use dampening material on all the walls in the rear chamber, except the baffle and without restricting air flow to the driver and reflex ports.

Plans Cubo Kick 15:

Size: 62x62x62cm    
Frequency: 80 Hz - 200 Hz    
Enclosure Type: Port Assisted Front Loaded Horn
Cubo Kick Render 2
Cubo KIck Render 3
Cubo KIck 15 Cut Sheet

Plans Cubo Kick 12:

Size: 45x45x50cm    
Frequency: 110 Hz - 250 Hz    
Enclosure Type: Port Assisted Front Loaded Horn
Cubo Kick 12 Render

Plans Cubo Kick 18:

Size: 62x62x65cm    
Frequency: 75 Hz - 190 Hz    
Enclosure Type: Port Assisted Front Loaded Horn
Cubo Kick 18 has been designed on request and is basically a Cubo Kick 15 redesigned to suit an 18" driver, giving it the exact same outer dimensions as Cubo 18. The increased rear chamber gives it a slightly lower tuning and the slightly longer horn makes it perhaps "the most 120 Hz" design out there.


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Cubo15 replied the topic: #24646 2 months 2 weeks ago
@Beari: It's not a typical kick driver, more a typical bass driver although it would work.

@Skyhighhifi: Cubo Kick 15 has 4 ports, for every port that you close you'll lower the tuning approximately 10 Hz but also lower output below 100 Hz. More than 50% of Cubo Kick is aimed at output between 100 and 200 Hz, so if you don't cross that high, a lot of wasted space. Cubo 15 sounds best crossed around 100 Hz but also has much more output below 100 Hz. I've seen both cabinets used for 12V PA but they will have quite distinct sounds and place different demands on the tops used above them.
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skyhighhifi replied the topic: #24644 2 months 3 weeks ago
Has anyone tried using a Cubo kick down to 40 Hz? Is for a 12v system so looking for something as small and lightweight as possible.

Would I be better off making a Cubo 15?
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Beari replied the topic: #24629 3 months 3 weeks ago
Hi i whant to bulid 6 cubo 15 kicks i already have 6 cyclops loaded with oberton 18xb1600 would i be able to load the cubo with oberton 15xb700 ? Thanks
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redtag replied the topic: #24368 1 year 6 months ago
Ok :p I have 2 Cubo 15 extended loaded with kappa LF-2 and 2 cerwin-vega Prostax PS-12.. I want to upgrade this system with more kick. What should work great? Cubo 12 kick? Or anything else? And what driver? And crossover frequencies?